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About us


What NeoKinderGarten Does !

Neokindergarten enables parents to "Find Awesome Child Cares Services Nearby" ! We partner with Day Cares / Service Providers and help them enhance the Quality of Learning and Child Care Services.

A Day Care / Service Provider listed on Neokindergarten website benefits from the Deep Industry knowledge and Technology Expertise of The Neokindergarten Team of Learning-Mentors and Technology-Experts.

Neokindergarten works round-the-clock with Day Care Centres / Service Providers in enhancing their overall attractiveness to Parents and children. All Partner Day Cares / Service Providers benefit from the Brand Awareness and Brand Capital that Neokindergarten creates.

Expected Outcomes

Academic Outcomes

We Make Sure Children Do Better At School

Cognitive Outcomes

We Make Sure Children Are Growing In Terms Of Thinking

Affective Outcomes

We Make Sure Children Are Growing In Terms Of Emotional Intelligence


Psychomotor Outcomes

We Make Sure Children Are Growing In Terms Of Physical Abilities

Ideas We Trust !

On Intelligence

  • Intelligence is Intuitive to All Human Beings

On Creativity

  • Creativity is Natural to All Human Beings

On Change

  • The Best Way To Change Something is to Make it Grow

On Learning

  • Health Brings Well Being and Well Being Brings Learning and Growth

On Work

  • People Work For People - Not Incentives

Ideas We Believe In !

On Motivation

  • Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose Motivates

On Mentoring

  • Treat Every Child As An Adult In The Making

On Children

  • The Child Knows What Is The Best For Himself / Herself

On Outcomes

  • Slight Differences In Efforts Lead To Huge Differences In Outcomes

On Humanity

  • The Future of Humanity Will Always Be Better Than Its Past

Our Learning Philosophy

Self Directed

Promote Children Towards Self Directed Learning

Flipped Classroom

Let Learners Take Control of Learning

Learn Anywhere Anytime

Blurr The Boundaries Between Home, Play Ground, Office & Classrooms

Cross Domain Learning

Apply Concepts Learnt in One Domain To Other Domains

Why Choose A NKG Day Care ?

Breadth and Depth Of Skill Enhancement Activities

  • Activities Targeted at 500 Plus Specific Skills Across 50 Categories.

Skills Of The Future

  • Foundation for lifelong, self-directed & multidimensional learning.

Detailed Growth Tracking

  • Our Website and App provides detailed growth tracking

What Is Unique at NKG Day Care ?

Award Winning Curriculum

  • Our Award Winning Curriculum is Patentable and Copyrighted.

World Class Curriculum

  • Our IB aligned Curriculum is At Par With Leading International Curriculum.

Reasonable Fee Structure

  • Our focus is to make World Class Education Affordable for All.

Standard Features

Experienced Mentors

All NKG Mentors are Experienced Teachers.

Balanced Growth

Activities Conducted in NKG Nurture the Child in a Multi Sensory Manner.

Safety and Well Being

CCTV Live Tracking, Growth Tracking, Emergency SOS Support


Transport Support is Provided for All NKG Centers.

Healthy Food

We Encourage and Provide Healthy Food and Snacks at NKG Centers

Love & Care

NKG Mentors Strive to Build a Long Lasting Relationship With the Children.


NKG curriculum is simple and any child can connect to it easily. It includes the topics which are unique


In depth focus on psychological aspects of learning will really help the students at NKG


NKG training was informative, eye-opener and interactive. The sessions explore the depths of creativity